Why Flame Gard

Superior Safety and Performance Above All Else.

This isn’t just a motto. It is Flame Gard. It’s the attitude that has helped us sustain our position as top manufacturer of commercial grease filters and kitchen exhaust system accessories since 1968.

It’s the reason why over 50 major restaurant chains and thousands of other establishments across the country trust their kitchens and their well being to Flame Gard.

It’s the idea at the heart of every grease filter, access door, and hood light produced within our walls.

Simply put, it is the difference between us and the other guys.

See who’s trusting their kitchen to Flame Gard on the Clients page.

“Flame Gard provides safe, reliable products to help save thousands in fire-related damages, and the company’s products enhance the safety and performance of commercial kitchen ventilation systems. As a certified exhaust system inspector, I know these products are among the most trusted in the industry.”

Bernard Besal Owner and president of Besal Services, Inc., a kitchen exhaust cleaning company.

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