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Baffle Grease Filters
Extinguish the chances of a grease fire with Flame Gard, the safest, most efficient brand of grease filter on the market. Our Baffle Grease Filters are constructed of the highest quality components for long lasting durability. And our patented baffle design maximizes grease extraction and airflow efficiency. The result? The ultimate in grease capturing, flame blocking, air flowing performance.

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Type I Filters are the filter of all filters - number one in grease extraction and airflow efficiency. With Spark Arrestor.

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Type II »

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Defend your kitchen with the safest specification grade stainless steel baffle grease filter on the market with Type II filters. Heavy duty stainless steel, welded construction.

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Type III »

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Type III Filters feature a frameless design for maximum free space - available in stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized metal.

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Type IV Filters are ideal for residential and European applications. These 20mm thick stainless steel baffle filters provide superior grease removal and flame barrier protection.

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Type VI »

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The most economical baffle grease filter line we have ever offered. UL and NSF listed filters offer high grease extraction efficiency at a very attractive price.

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McDonalds Baffle Grease Filters are number one in grease extraction and airflow efficiency.

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